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Egypt Waterscape .. Whether You Are Searching For Serenity Or Adventure… It’s Right There.

“We lose ourselves in things we love .. we find ourselves there too”

Kristin Martz

After travelling around twenty different countries and exploring more than sixty cities all over the world (still planning to keep going). I decided to have some rest at home, where civilization on earth started. Egypt.

Egypt has so many cities to visit with diverse taste; each represents a whole different experience. First, I will take you to a place close to my heart. It is my secret and sacred place where I get myself together when I feel broken. Where I always celebrate very special moments with my beloved ones. It is where I shared laughter and crying. Where I find myself, and where I lose myself, at The Nile.

Sunset on the Nile is like no other. Every time I watch the Sunset reflections on the Nile is a rebirth to me. If you are in Cairo, you shouldn’t miss a river cruise either. My choice would be either the elegant ship or a Feloka (a large folkloric sailing boat). It is a unique soul soothing experience that brings so much serenity and peace. However, if are an adrenaline junkie (like me), you would probably like to add something special. Like getting on a speedboat, or at least kayaking in the Nile. I promise you would never forget such an experience! You might also try fishing or just sitting on one of the coffee shops or restaurants by the Nile.

I am not going to talk about what normally people come to do in Egypt. The pyramids, the ancient monuments, the bazar, etc. Everybody knows that already. I am going to take you on a tour of Egypt’s waterscape. Let us move from the Nile to the West. Let us take a day trip to the desert. I love camping there, watching a starry night (not at the Oasis because it is too far for a single night). We would go to Fayoom (About a couple of hours from Cairo), where you can sail in Qarun lake (one of the most famous lakes of Egypt). It is an amazing breathtaking experience to sit at the edge of nowhere gazing at the adorable view of the seagulls flying around.

Now, Let us go a bit north. To Alexandria (The bride of the Mediterranean Sea). This is a night walk on the promenade, especially along the romantically lit Stanely bridge. One not to be missed. It has an extraordinarily architectural style resembling that of the marvellous Montazah palace. Having enjoyed the Mediterranean Sea, it should not distract you from the unforgettable experience you could have at the Red Sea. Whatever your favourite watersport is, you will find it there. Surfing, diving, snorkelling in Hurgada, Sharm Elsheikh, Dahab and the rest of cities by the Red Sea. Where the coral reefs and sea life come together is such a spectacular experience that you should try at least once in your lifetime.

Finally, remember to say goodbye to the Nile before you leave. Egyptians believe that if you drink once from the Nile, you would definitely come back to Egypt again. Herodotus said, “Egypt is the gift from the Nile”.

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