Our Quick Breakfast at Anson Farm with Chris

This place was the meeting place for both me, Tina and my dad who was over from Spain for a few days. He had recommended this place, so this is where we went for breakfast on a freezing, wet, Friday morning.


Well the pub, was right in the middle of an industrial estate.  It was quite strange indeed. When you think Anson Farm you half expect a restaurant attached to a farm.  But oh no, this was one large building literally among huge factory buildings.

Parking though is free and not in short supply.  I know the time we went we were the only cars for paying punters, but even still I could imagine on a busy Saturday there were plenty of spaces.

Food Quality 

Well naturally I had the biggest heartiest full English there was, the Farmhouse.  This consisted of 2 pork sausages, three rashers of back bacon, two fried eggs, grilled tomato, button mushrooms, baked beans, three hash browns, black pudding and warm toast and butter.  We will discuss the value for money in the next section.

I don’t like black pudding so this was left on my plate and not a fan of tomatoes so this was given to dad (as he had the same breakfast).  He does not like Eggs, so his eggs were put on my plate (greedy guts here).  The bacon was nice and crispy; there is nothing worse than having an undercooked floppy piece of bacon.  The toast as you can see was barely cooked, and the butter that came with it was hard (this is one thing that I cannot stand with pub chains, they give you butter but its rock hard and you have to put it under your warm toast just to melt it a bit).  So overall my breakfast was exactly as expected really.

Tina, however, went for Porridge and Jam and was fortunate enough that the chef had made to much toast so this was brought out with some more rock hard butter.  As I turn to Tina as I write this in Dortmund, Germany.

“So how was the porridge here”, her disappointing response was, “it was too runny”.

This is from someone who loves porridge and cooks it most days during the cold English winter months.

Value for Money 

So we have discussed the food quality and now let’s consider the value for money.  The would you be willing to pay for the food that you got moment.  In a nutshell, the answer is yes.  The Farmhouse breakfast was just £5.95, and with that, you got included free tea and coffee refills.  This was fine because I don’t drink hot drinks and Tina would always murder a cuppa tea.  Tina porridge came to a poultry £2.95, which is still expensive for what it is.  But is still cheaper than if you had the same breakfast down in Brighton.


Well, we went at 9 am, and the workers were still doing some cleaning from the night before I assume, hoovering and the like.  This didn’t ruin our experience, but it did mean that the atmosphere was non existent.

You did, however, have some great decor and each table had a little something to add a bit of humour to things.  There was a table opposite which had the phrase, ‘If your friend tells you to go on a diet, EAT THEM’.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
Hola, i'm Lee and one half of the founders of Look at our World. You will quite often find me either behind the computer maintaining this stunning website, or sampling some incredible food.




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