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The Ipswich Festival Jazz, Wine & Blues Night

It was one of the final days of the Ipswich Festival; we had already experienced the parade of lights and the honk (vintage car show).  I had never really been the jazz, wine & blues concert.  But it was free and was 30 minutes drive from the lovely town of Rosewood.

It started at 2 pm through until around 9 pm.  Sod that, I couldn’t deal with that for that length of time.  So we risked walking miles and arrived for around 4.  I’m so glad we did, a parking space just around the corner.  Seats right near the front, we had the perfect view of the stage.

The evening kicked off with a lady and some musicians.  I can’t remember for the life of me her name; she was ok, but it left me time to go and explore the food stalls (yes, I needed to eat, so what hehe).  The penultimate act was Mojo Webb. Whose Mojo Webb? We had no idea. Ken (Lees mums husband) had said that he was incredible, as he had seen him perform in Brisbane.

The next hour was fantastic, as you can see from the video below.  So much energy, and a lovely voice to match.

You then had the final act, again couldn’t tell you who they were.  But they were so commercialised; I hated it.  They all must have been in there late 50’s.  But they were acting like they were in their 20’s.  Lots of sexual innuendoes, which wasn’t needed at this family event.

But having said all that, we both had an excellent time.  Just wanted to hear more from Mojo Webb.  Who knows, though, we may bump into him playing in Brisbane before the Australian adventure ends.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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